Xerox CentreWare for CA NSM is Printer Management Software for Xerox Printers on an NSM Network

Xerox CentreWare for CA NSM

Real-time status and easy central device management

Xerox CentreWare for NSM is a time-saving printer management software for simple administration of Xerox printers and multifunction printers within the Computer Associates NSM network management toolset.
Download CentreWare for NSM for Win2000/NT

Funzioni principali

  • Discover and identify all Xerox printers and multifunction printers on your network with recognisable icons
  • Colour-coded device status automatically changes to reflect printer status in each view
  • Access the embedded web server of your device through the icon displayed in the Xerox Agent
  • A single, custom view of all the Xerox devices on your network
  • Integrate full Event Management features of CA NSM such as Problem Management and Advanced Help Desk
  • Enable unsolicited feedback for device events using SNMP trap-capable registration (for example, machine out of toner)
  • New CA NSM browser interface is supported
  • Launch Xerox CentreWare Web or Xerox Device Manager from the CA NSM interface
  • Language support in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese
IT organisations supporting network printers and multifunction printers without central printer management can suffer from inefficient use of resources, higher operational costs, and lack of control over assets.

Obiettivi chiave

  • Higher operational costs and IT inefficiency without central device management
  • Lost user productivity when print devices can't be managed within the CA NSM environment
  • More downtime when alerts and device status are not available
Xerox CentreWare for NSM provides system administrators with real time status and easy central printer management for network printers and multifunction printers within the CA NSM environment.
  • Expands CA NSM management capability to Xerox networked products
  • Easy installation allows system administrators to view all the discovered printers under one CA NSM Business Process View
  • Provides full integration with Event Management of CA NSM, and the choice to integrate with Problem Management and Advanced Help Desk
  • CA Smart certified solution

Additional information regarding Computer Associates NSM capabilities can be found at

Le rinomate copiatrici, stampanti e stampanti multifunzione Xerox sono dotate di piattaforme flessibili in grado di gestire un'ampia gamma di soluzioni software. La funzionalità del software può variare in base al modello del prodotto. Contattare il proprio rappresentante commerciale per informazioni complete sulla compatibilità.

Stampanti multifunzione/all-in-one

Stampanti per ufficio Sistemi per la stampa digitale di produzione

Hardware Requirements
  • Hardware required disk space: 15 MB
  • Hardware min required RAM: 256 MB
  • Recommended RAM: 512 MB
Software Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 SP3 or later
  • Windows Server 2003 with latest service packs
  • Microsoft SQL server 2000 or equivalent.
  • Microsoft SNMP services
  • TCP/IP Protocol
  • CA Unicenter NSM 3.0 or greater
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® or Netscape Navigator® versions 4.0 or later, if you wish to access a printer embedded web page