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3D Printing in the Auto Industry

While many operations in the automotive industry rely on mass production, key aspects are suitable for additive manufacturing. The application of 3D printing in automobiles to make 3D printed car parts for specific uses can take the following forms:

  • Prototyping and Modeling: Making prototype parts for design verification and 3D models from conceptual drawings is normally costly and time consuming. Using a 3D printer for car parts speeds up this process.

  • Low-volume Spares: Use 3D printed car parts for on-demand printing of seldom used spares, instead of using valuable storage space to stock them for the rare occasion you may need them.

  • Customization: Offer real end-user-specific customization and personalization with a car part 3D printer. Customization that is not possible with mass production becomes easy with 3D printed auto parts. Maximize performance through design.

  • Tools and Dies: Many tools and dies used in car manufacturing are suitable for 3D printing, so you can easily produce your own without relying on distant manufacturers. Immediately produce manufacturing aids, jigs, and fixtures that provide better ergonomics for increased productivity and performance.

  • Lighter-weight Parts: Replace traditional parts made with heavier metals to produce lighter-weight vehicles, lowering both fuel costs and carbon emissions over time for a better product. Retain strength and reduce weight by designing for 3D printing.

With the new metal printing technology, 3D printed auto parts can save time and money while making your supply chains more resilient. Getting parts printed for your production line is simple and safe, adding flexibility to your operations. Contact us today and find out how the Xerox® ElemX 3D printer can help your automotive business succeed.

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