Phaser 840

Caratteristiche tecniche

Phaser™ 840


  Model 840 Designer Edition 840 840 Plus 840 Extended
Order Number Z840GP/A Z840/N Z840/DP Z840/DX
  Max. Resolution        
    1200 dpi 1000 dpi 1200 dpi 1200 dpi
  RAM Std.
128 MB (128MB) 32 MB
(128 MB)
64 MB
(128 MB)
128 MB
(128 MB)
  Built-in Hard Disk Optional Optional Optional 2-GB Hard Disk
  Image Processor        
    133 MHz RISC PowerPC 133 MHz RISC PowerPC 133 MHz RISC PowerPC 133 MHz RISC PowerPC
  Maximum Print Speed (A/Letter)
  Fast Color 10 ppm 10 ppm 10 ppm 10 ppm
  Standard 6 ppm 6 ppm 6 ppm 6 ppm
  Enhanced 3 ppm 3 ppm 3 ppm 3 ppm
  High Resolution/Photo 2 ppm   2 ppm 2 ppm
  Pipeline Printing
    Standard Optional Standard Standard
  Printer/Job Management
  PhaserLinkTM Standard Standard Standard Standard
  Usage Profile Standard Standard Standard Standard
  Job Accounting 500 Jobs 50 Jobs 500 Jobs 5,000 Jobs
  Check Print Preview Standard Optional Optional Standard
  Remote Printing Standard Standard Standard Standard
  Collation Printing Standard Optional2 Standard2 Standard
  Genuine Adobe® PostScript® 3, PCL 5C emulation with automatic sensing and switching
  Resident Fonts        
    136 136 136 136
  Front Panel        
  Six-line graphical LCD with built-in context-sensitive help at the push of a button
  Bi-directional Parallel Standard Standard Standard Standard
  10BaseT Ethernet Standard Standard Standard Standard
  100BaseT Ethernet Standard Optional Optional Optional
  USB (Universal Serial Bus) Standard Standard Standard Standard
  SCSI3 Standard Optional Standard Standard
  PhaserShare® Network Cards4
  Optional 100BaseT/10Base2 Ethernet, LocalTalk, Token Ring (NetWare, TokenTalk, Telnet, FTP, & TCP/IP)
  Printer Drivers
  Std: PC and Macintosh, PhaserPrintTM plug-in5 ; Opt: SUN, SGI, HP, IBM, DEC Workstations, PhaserPoolTM for group/pool/broadcast printing
  Color Standards
  PANTONE® *- approved solid color simulations, Adobe PostScript device-independent color, CIE international color standards, and support for ICC and Apple ColorSync color management systems
  Built-in Automatic Standard Optional Standard Standard
  Paper Handling  
  Main Tray 200-sheet Standard Standard Standard Standard
  Hi-capacity Paper Tray
500-sheet ea.(two)
Optional7 Optional Optional Standard (one)
  Hi-capacity Transparency and Label Tray 175-sheet OHP or 100-sheet label media - optional
  Media Types Prints on 16-32 lb. bond to 40-110 lb. index (60 to 216 g/m2): transparencies; labels; card stock; envelopes
  Media Sizes Letter, A4, Envelopes (#6 3/4, #10, DL, C5, Choukei 3 Gou, Choukei 4 Gou)
  Printable Image Area
  Prints within .2 in. (5mm) of top, bottom, left and right edges on all papers. Maximum image area 8.1 x 10.6 in. (200 x 283mm)
  Color Control  
  TekColorTM Dynamic Correction Standard Standard Standard Standard
  Color Profiles Automatic: Adjusts color of photos, graphics, and text automatically for the best reproduction. sRGB Display: Matches your computer monitor. Vivid Color: Business presentations, charts, and graphs. SWOP, Commercial, Toyo, DIC, Fuji or Euroscale: Press Simulations
  Workgroup Connectivity
  Windows/DOS, NT, OS/2 PCs; Mac OS; and UNIX workstations
  Copier Support
  Provides convenient copy capability through attachment of selected scanners5.
  Power Consumption
  Warm-up: 1000W maximum
  Printing: 220W average
  Idle (Ready): 180W average
  Standby: 130W average
  Energy Star: 45W maximum
  17.4¨ W x 14.75¨ H x 24¨ D (435mm W x 369mm H x 600mm D) Weight: 79 lb. (35.8 kg)
  Warranty 1-Yr. On-site 1-Yr. On-site 1-Yr. On-site 1-Yr. On-site
  Support: Toll-free telephone support, online technical support via the World Wide Web, on-demand fax reference library, and a user newsletter about color printing. Optional extended service plans are available.
  1. Requires Plus Reatures upgrade.
2. Requires optional hard disk drive.
3. SCSI for external font/collation hard disk and scanner interface.
4. PhaserShare network cards include printer management software for Windows users on Novell NetWare networks. All ports and protocols are simultaneously active.
5. Direct download from Adobe Photoshop® , Macintosh and Windows.
6. Supported scanners include: Microtek Scanmaker 4, Microtek Scanmaker 9600XL, HP ScanJet 6100C and HP ScanJet 6200C.
7. Available only in grey.
* PANTONE Inc.’s check-standard trademark for color reproduction and color reproduction materials.